Perks Of Being Sky

At 13 years old I haven’t got much experience in life, I don’t know much about people or the real world, I have my own little world and won’t let anyone affect it or destroy it. My world is full of music, photography, reading, animals, and writing. I live in the United States with my mom, my brother, and my two labrador retrievers Shooter and Coho. On my free time I like to go on tumblr or write songs. I’ve written about five songs in the past year but never let anyone read them because they were too personal. When I’m older I’m going to become a drummer or a music photographer. I want to do these things because I’ve always wanted to travel the world and because of my love for music and photography. I hope I didn’t bore you too much, but you’ll find out more about me later. Much love, Sky x

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